Beautiful outdoor kitchen under canopy

We were recently able to realize a complete Roostr Outdoor Kitchen full of comfort in Valkenswaard, consisting of two duo modules. In advance, a beautiful and realistic 3D design was made in collaboration with VDK·VDW® Design of how the outdoor kitchen would be placed in the garden. After consultation, we placed the outdoor kitchen under the canopy in this customer's garden.

Outdoor kitchen under shelter

Outdoor kitchen with The Bastard Kamado BBQ

A double version of the Rubix Duo has been placed under the canopy, with The Bastard Kamado BBQ taking center stage. The outdoor kitchen is equipped with two durable wooden fraké doors for a sleek, stylish and natural look. By combining this with a copper sink and tap, the comfort of outdoor cooking is complete. The sink is built flush into the Dekton worktop with a seamless and integrated drain.

Are you also looking for the comfort of an outdoor kitchen in the garden or on the terrace? Discover the modular outdoor kitchens via our 3D configurator and create your own outdoor kitchen!