Winter Family Moments

Discover the taste of a Roostr Rubix Outdoor Kitchen

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Experience the most beautiful winter family moments together with our Roostr Rubix Outdoor Kitchen. Living outside, cooking and good food connects us. Discover the taste of family fun with our luxurious outdoor kitchens and turn every dish into a celebration!

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Roostr Rubix

Winter Experience

Surrounded by loved ones, new ideas, friendships and unforgettable moments arise. Enjoy the most beautiful ingredients and flavors together into authentic dishes.

Chic and luxurious or cool and industrial? Or would you rather be modern and timeless? The Roostr outdoor kitchens are self-assembled. Create your own style with our 3D Configurator and choose from various materials and kitchen modules.

Are you making winter extra special this year?

Roostr Rubix

Winter Coziness

Experience the magic of cooking outside every winter evening, with the luxurious outdoor kitchen from Roostr! Delicious dishes on the table in no time, without losing sight of your guests.

Have good conversations and create unforgettable moments while the meat is cooking on the BBQ and the oven is heating your home-made pizza. Thanks to extra work and storage space, every dish can be prepared entirely in the garden and you can fully enjoy the outdoors in the presence of your guests.

Roostr rubix

Winter Dishes

Stuffed Butternut Gourd

A festive vegetarian main course, this butternut squash filled with mozzarella, parsley and fresh fig. Not only does it look beautiful, but the intense flavors will amaze every connoisseur.

At Roostr we like to inspire you all year round with our delicious recipes for the barbecue. Vegetarian, meat or fish, you will impress with these delicious recipes. Find all our BBQ recipes here !

Now temporarily with a 10% discount on the recommended retail price & free delivery and installation ( valued at €399 )

Why choose a Roostr Outdoor Kitchen?

Sustainably produced

Our modular outdoor kitchens are designed and produced CO2 neutral in the Netherlands.

Resistant to all weather influences

By choosing only the best materials, our kitchens are resistant to water, frost, wind and UV radiation.

High-level advice and service

We are happy to help you put together the ultimate outdoor kitchen. We aim to exceed your expectations.

Made in Holland

The Rubix outdoor kitchen system is designed and produced in a CO2-neutral manner in the Netherlands.

The system consists of a high-quality mix of materials. The combination of stainless steel, galvanized steel and a double-layer powder coating ensures a long lifespan for the outdoor kitchen .