BBQ Recipes

Discover the taste of a Roostr Outdoor Kitchen


Spring rolls
Spring rolls (cabbage packets), inspired by Asian cuisine where instead of wraps, they use lettuce & cabbage leaves as a wrap, this gives a healthier load and an easier to digest product, which combines very well with the robust BBQ grill taste.
Côte de Boeuf
The Côte de Boeuf , a beautiful piece of meat with the perfect meat and fat ratio, this piece of meat is perfect for preparing on the BBQ.
Caramelized Carrot
Caramelized carrot from the BBQ, a delicious side dish that almost everyone likes and has its own flavor explosion.
Stuffed Butternut Gourd
A festive vegetarian main course, this butternut squash filled with mozzarella, parsley and fresh fig. Not only does it look beautiful, but the intense flavors will amaze every connoisseur.
Lemon Smoked Salmon
Summer! Salmon on the BBQ with herbs and lemon goes perfectly with this! You can easily make a healthy BBQ dish with fresh herbs.
Smoky Garlic Bread
Smoked garlic bread topped with sun-dried tomato, Parma ham and pesto. Delicious as an appetizer or as a starter with a good glass of wine, the Parma ham can easily be substituted for. cooked chicken fillet or chorizzo.